Episode 9 – Dick Diamonds

Kid Tronic and Kid A chat with Dick Diamonds about the creation of the Deep North blog, starting your own parties, how different European raves and clubs differ from North America, and dealing with strange requests.

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Track list:

  1.  Sean Roman, Dick Diamonds – Lie To Me
  2.  STARE5 – The Sprawl (Noah Pred Remix)
  3.  Gabriel Boni, Leo Lacerda – Fliping
  4.  Avatism – Upon The Daze
  5.  Hissy Fit – Factory Acid
  6.  James Teej – Your Pixelated Taste
  7.  Pig City – The Message
  8.  Tiago Schneider. Jotace – Good Evening
  9.  Jessica 6 – White Horse (Populette Dub)
  10.  Murkage – Paperweight (Countach Edit)
  11.  Lauro Viotti – Freaky Sense